The 22’s

22 Hope Street is the spiritual home of Freemasonry in Liverpool.

The 22’s is a group  of like minded younger Brethren interested in expanding their Masonic knowledge.

The next step for the Twenty 2’s is spreading the message and getting people to sign up.  A page on the Group website will be going live soon and an email sign up form will be created.  By signing up to the Twenty 2’s newsletter, you will receive updates on events and be able to book places.

Representatives of the Twenty 2’s will be visiting your regular Lodge meetings soon to talk about their plans.

Don’t let them hesitate or delay, shout and scream for information and progress. It’s our duty to expand our Masonic Knowledge, we promised this in  our “Obligation”, our Daily Advancement in Masonic Knowledge !!

Contacts are
WBro Martin Farmer

WBro Jason Hengler
Tel: 07921 101261

WBro Justin Lewis
Tel: 0151 608 0898

I’m sure they will be only to pleased to chat of their Activities !