W.Bro Dave Jones has been writing the Lodge Newsletter for over 17 years.

Take a look through his scribbles of Downshire Lodge No.594

2017/18 Season

Scrib_Sep17; Scrib_Oct17;

2016/17 Season

Scrib_Sep16 Scrib_Oct16 Scrib_May17 Scrib_Apr17

2015/16 Season

Scrib_Oct15 Scrib_Nov15 Scrib_Feb16 Scrib_Jan16 Scrib_Mar16 Scrib_Apr16

2014/15 Season

Scrib_Sept14 Scrib_Nov14 Scrib_Feb15 Scrib_Jan15

2013/14 Season

Scribs_Nov13 Scrib_Feb14 Scrib_Mar14 Scrib_May14 Scrib_Apr14


Even Older?

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